Biden to set aside $ 1 billion in funds for the upcoming hurricane and fire season

US Leader Joe Biden, upcoming in the USA related to the season of hurricanes and forest fires briefed at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in metropolitan Washington.

In his speech here To FEMA employees Thanking for their efforts in dealing with Kovid-19 and in winter storms, Biden noted that they will use all their means to help the American people.

Biden, “Now is the time to be ready for the worst time of the year in terms of disasters in the USA. Hurricane in the southern and eastern states, the season of forest fires in the west begins” found the evaluation.

Biden, to all agencies in need noted that the necessary funds will be provided, and they have increased the funds transferred to FEMA to deal with disasters to $ 1 billion.

Biden, “This year’s hurricane and fires will be worse than last year” warned.

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