EU to impose new sanctions on Belarus, will not use its airspace

As the European Union (EU) Presidents’ Summit in Brussels continues, EU officials, Belarus shared the Minsk-related part of the declaration that the leaders who discussed the issue agreed on.

Accordingly, the EU Council formed by the leaders condemned the landing of Ryanair’s plane, which made the Athens-Vilnius flight the previous day, to Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.

The board is the founder of Nexta and Belarus Golovnogo Mozga Telegram channels, who were in the middle of the passengers on the landed plane and were detained for terrorist incidents. Roman Protasevic

He requested the immediate release of .

The Presidents called the incident “unprecedented and unacceptable” and invited the International Civil Aviation Organization to initiate an investigation immediately.

In the statement of the leaders, it was invited to impose new sanctions that will include Belarusian officials and sectoral purposes, and the council airline companies in the EU not to pass through Belarus.

The statement also asked Belarusian airlines to ban the EU airport and prevent their aircraft from accessing EU airports.

What happened?

The plane carrying 123 passengers for Ryanair, which went from Greece to Lithuania, made an emergency landing at the Belarusian airport with the thesis that the bomb was reported. The founder of Nexta and Belarus Golovnogo Mozga Telegram channels, who were in the middle of the passengers on the plane landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and wanted for terrorist incidents, was detained.

In this middle, the plane incident in Minsk is not the first incident that resulted in the forced landing of a plane in the third country. Returning from a conference he attended in Moscow on 3 July 2013, the plane of Bolivian State Leader Evo Morales landed at the Schwechat Airport in Vienna after the flight permit was not issued in the airports of France and Portugal.

A wanted plane with the thesis that Edward Snowden, accused of espionage by the USA, was allowed to take off from Austria due to the absence of a former US intelligence. This decision of European countries was met with great reaction in South America.

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