Huawei will introduce HarmonyOS to be used instead of Android at this date

Huawei in the past weeks HarmonyOS

As we heard many official reports about , we also encountered a lot of rumors. While saying which of these is truth and which is not, the most official explanation came at the end: Huawei will introduce HarmonyOS on June 2.

Huawei Google

The process that started with the problem with and continued until the company wrote its own operating system is now at the end. The company will switch to its own operating system very soon, and the end of a period will come.

For HarmonyOS in the post by HuaweiCentral June 2

While pointing to the date , the details of the operating system are already being wondered. Both devices, which are said to be released with HarmonyOS, have been “rumored”. Huawei MatePad Pro 2 and Huawei Watch 3 will be the first devices to come with the HarmonyOS operating system. But this information is not official now.

Actually, Huawei is currently using HarmonyOS on various devices. HarmonyOS, which is used in some televisions, has not been included in devices such as smartphones and watches for now. We will see this with the introduction to be held on June 2.

On the other hand, according to various rumors, Huawei, HarmonyOS operating system will also offer updates to other previous generation smartphones.

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