iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14. 6 Released: Here’s All What’s New

Apple has released a new update for the portable operating system iOS (iPadOS for iPad) that brings iPhone and iPad models to life. iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6

Although the new versions called do not bring as critical innovations as the previous iOS 14.5 update, there are some innovations that Apple Music subscribers will want to look at.

As you know, Apple, recently for Apple Music a series of new feature announcements performed. According to the verbal announcement, Apple Music subscribers are welcome at no additional random price. Dolby Atmos as well as its base spatial sound and lossless audio will be able to access their features. Apple plans to roll out these features with a server-side update in June; With iOS 14. 6 and iPadOS 14. 6, it has prepared a place on iPhones and iPads.

This is not all; Apple announced in April Apple Card Family

It officially released along with iOS 14. 6 and iPadOS 14. 6. To summarize for those who do not know; Apple Card Family makes it possible for a single Apple Card to be used by multiple family members. Moreover, with Apple Card Family, parents will be able to control their children’s online shopping habits and spending limits will be able to determine.

According to the statements made by Apple, a maximum of 5 people can be added to a single Apple Card and all users to be added are a module of the Family Sharing Set, and even more valuable. Being over 13 years old is required. Also, co-owners of Apple Card must be over 18 years old. These co-owners will have a common spending limit for the Apple Card.

For the Podcast app with Apple, iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14. 6 subscription brings the feature. Thus, podcasters will be able to earn income from their listeners for the subscription price. So that NPR, Los Angeles Times, Sony Music Entertainment, Wondery

For major creators, subscribers, such as premium podcast streams will be able to increase their income by sharing.

Apple, object tracking tool in the latest operating system update AirTag also released a small innovation. In comparison, AirTag owners now have an additional phone number for Lost Mode. will be able to add an e-mail address.. Also, AirTags will now display the owner’s phone number censored when tapped by an NFC compatible device.

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