Italian mafia leader Rocco Morabito captured in Brazil

From the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security in a written statement, in the south of Italy Reggio Calabria region, the ringleader of the mafia organization ‘Ndrangheta’, Morabito, was announced.

In the statement, “Italy’s second most wanted criminal”, with two foreigners accompanying Morabito, at a hotel in the city of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba state It was stated that he was caught in the operation organized by the Brazilian police in cooperation with Interpol.

Brazil Minister of Justice and Public Security Anderson Torres drew attention to his country’s fight against crime due to Morabito’s capture and congratulated the security forces.

In June 2019, Morabito escaped from a vacuum on the roof of a prison where he was being held to be extradited to Italy, in Uruguay, with 3 inmates.

54-year-old Morabito, wanted in his country since 1994, After 23 years was caught in a hotel where he was staying in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, in 2017.

Between South America and Milan, Italy known to play a major role in smuggling activities Morabito has 30 years of conviction for various mistakes in his country.

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