Law banning social media bans entered into force in Florida, USA

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, noting that the law passed by the state legislature is a movement against the Silicon Valley elite, “He sees that across the US there is an attempt to suppress dissenting voices by leftist media and big corporations.” used the terms.

The law states that if social media companies violate the rules, they can suspend the accounts of political candidates for up to 14 days, but cannot be closed or banned indefinitely.

It is noted that if the law is violated, the state election board may impose a daily fine of 250 thousand dollars for candidates representing the state and 25 thousand dollars for other local candidates.

It is pointed out that the law subject to kalam, which is shown as the first example in the country and prohibits prohibitions in social media, can be a model for other states.

After the 6 January Congressional raid Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, social media giants closed the accounts of former Leader Donald Trump on the grounds that they spread baseless bragging about the November 3, 2020 elections and encouraged the public to revolt.

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