New York Times: As Israel’s dependence on the US decreases, so does the US influence

In an article titled “As Israel’s dependence on the USA decreases, the influence of the USA decreases” in the New York Times (NYT). Israel

The military and diplomatic position of against the USA was evaluated.

Of Israel Palestine, in the article, which stated that the USA needed political and military reinforcement against its enemies for 50 years due to its policies, it was argued that this dependence has now begun to end.

In the article, “While Israel still benefits heavily from American aid, security experts and political analysts say the country has quietly developed, and may even have achieved, effective autonomy from the United States” words were included.

‘Israel no longer needs American security guarantees’

In the article, it is argued that Israel now produces its own military technology and seeks new alliances independently from Washington, diplomatically self-sufficient, “Even culturally, Israelis have become less susceptible to American approval and less pressure on their leaders to get along well with Washington.” was evaluated.

The article also recorded: “Israel no longer needs American security guarantees to protect itself from its predominantly peaceable neighboring countries. Nor does it see itself needing American meddling in the Palestinian conflict that the Israelis find largely bearable and support to continue as it is.”

The article pointed out that while the US aid to Israel corresponded to 10 percent of the country’s economy in 1981, this rate decreased to 1 percent with the aid of 4 billion dollars in 2020, and the latest Gaza attack was cited as an example of Israel’s independence from the USA. .

In the article, it was argued that Washington acknowledged that its impact on last week’s conflicts had diminished, and it was noted that even the ceasefire call could be put into language with the pressure of the innovators among the Democrats, when the incident reached the final stage in Egypt’s middle ground.

Israel developed relations with new non-liberal countries

It has been argued that another area where Israel does not feel much need for American defense is the problem of “international isolation”, which it previously saw as a threat to it.

“Israel once sought acceptance from Western democracies that would give it legitimacy by demanding ‘conform to democratic standards’.”, however, it was underlined that, let alone condemning the treatment of Palestinians today, Israel has improved its relations with new non-liberal countries such as Brazil, Hungary and India, which appreciate their policies.

In the article noted that Israel has become independent from the USA in the field of diplomacy, “Washington’s support for Israel’s democratic identity, which American diplomats have been using for a long time as a soft power of influence, speaks less and less every year.” commented.

In the article, which emphasized that the Israeli presidents no longer need to convince Americans that they are seeking peace with the proper intent regarding the Middle East peace process that passed through Washington, “Now, this influence (the United States) has not used to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for nearly 50 years, may soon disappear altogether if this is not over yet.”

It was called .

Pointing out that Israel is not the only small state seeking independence from the great power, “But this situation is unusual on the one hand: By building Israel’s military and diplomatic independence, there were Americans again eroding their influence” detection was shared.

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