Request from the White House for an international investigation into the Ryanair incident

White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki at the press conference held today “We are discussing the Lukashenko regime (Belarusian State Leader Alexander) in the context of the ongoing threats and unjust arrests against journalists just for doing their job. These actions shocked us, the plane flying between two EU countries to detain the journalist. It is a catastrophic challenge to inter-country peace and security. We demand an urgent, transparent and robust inter-country investigation. “ he spoke.

Spokesman, “There is nothing more to say about what happened. We are angry. We are not ready to legally change the phrases about hijacking and sanctions. To examine this, there is definitely a need for a process.” used the expressions.

Stating that the US Leader Joe Biden was informed about the bet and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told his Russian counterpart, Patrushev, the US stance on this bet, Psaki said that they discussed this issue through multilateral channels including NATO, EU, OSCE and the UN. stating, “We are not yet ready to announce the results of these negotiations” he said.

Psaki, to the question of whether it is a believer in the flight of US airline planes in Belarus airport, “Those who follow the aviation branch in the government did not submit new evaluations and proposals” answered.

The Spokesperson of the White House also added that the US Embassy in Minsk conveyed Washington’s position directly to the Belarusian administration.

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