Sanction signal to Belarus from US President Joe Biden and National Security Advisor Sullivan

USA Leader Joe Biden, in his written statement, evaluated the landing of the passenger plane from Greece to Lithuania on May 23 to Minsk and the arrest of the Belarusian activist who was in the middle of the passengers.

Biden, who argued that the incident in speech was ‘a direct insult to international norms’ “The United States strongly condemns the forced landing and the detention of journalist Roman Protasevic from the plane. This terrible incident and the images in which Mr. Pratasevic was arrested are a political opponent and a shame to press freedom.” used the terms.

Biden, who made an invitation to release Protasevic and Belarusian ‘political prisoners’ as soon as possible, also made an international invitation to reveal the facts of the incident, which is the subject of speech, to all parties.

Biden, who also signaled sanctions against Belarus, said: “I am pleased that the European Union (EU) has implemented economic sanctions and other measures against Belarus. I also, in close harmony with the EU, other allies, partners and inter-country organizations, to hold those responsible for this event to account, I asked my group to find suitable paths. “

Biden, “I applaud the courage and determination of Belarusians, who strive for their fundamental rights, including journalists for Roman Protasevic, opposition leaders, opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and his wife Sergey Tikhanovsky. The United States will continue to stand by the Belarusian people in their endeavors.” he recorded.

US National Security Advisor speaks to Belarusian dissident Tihanovskaya over the phone

On the other hand, White House National Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne said in a written statement that National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Svetlana Tihanovskaya on the phone.

Speaking at the speech, Sullivan stated that he conveyed ‘the strong support of the Belarusian people for their demands for democracy, human rights and fundamental rights’. “Sullivan, Tikhanovskaya, his wife Tikhanovsky and Lukashenko, as political prisoners of the regime, praised the heart and sacrifice of hundreds of other Belarusian democracy activists, independent journalists and civil society leaders, rotting in Belarusian prisons.”

Sullivan condemned the airliner incident on May 23, and reinstated Protasevic and other prisoners for their immediate release and their invitation for ‘free and fair elections under international supervision’, “Sullivan has made it clear that the US will hold the EU and other partners and allies to account with the Lukashenko regime.”

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What happened?

The plane carrying 123 passengers for Ryanair, which went from Greece to Lithuania, made an emergency landing at the Belarusian airport with the thesis that the bomb was reported. The founder of Nexta and Belarus Golovnogo Mozga Telegram channels, who were in the middle of the passengers on the plane landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and wanted for terrorist incidents, was detained.

In this middle, the plane incident in Minsk is not the first incident that resulted in the forced landing of a plane in the third country. Returning from a conference he attended in Moscow on July 3, 2013, the plane of Bolivian State Leader Evo Morales landed at Vienna’s Schwechat Airport after the flight permit was not issued at the airports of France and Portugal.

A wanted plane with the argument that Edward Snowden, accused of spying by the USA, was involved, was allowed to take off from Austria after the absence of a former US intelligence. This decision of European countries was met with great reaction in South America.

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