The claim that “presidential nominations of Ahmedinejad, Larijani and Jihadir were vetoed” in Iran

According to Iran’s semi-official agency Fars, the Constitutional Protection Board (AKK) vetoed the presidential nomination of Ahmedinejad, Larijani and Cihangiri, as well as reformist candidate Mustafa Taczade.

According to the news of Fars, candidates of the Conservative Judiciary Leader İbrahim Chief, former Revolutionary Guards Army General Commander and General Secretary of the Board of Diagnosis of Tertibin Charges Muhsin Rızai and Said Celili were approved.

It was noted that Central Bank Leader Abdunnasır Himmeti was among those whose candidacy was approved.

On the other hand, Hüseyin Dehkan, who was the military adviser of Iran’s president Ali Khamenei and the Minister of Defense in the first government of Hasan Rouhani, and former Iranian Oil Minister Rüstem Kasımi withdrew from the candidacy in favor of the conservative candidate Ibrahim Chief.

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