The World’s Richest Person Became Bernard Arnault

The title of World’s Most Powerful Person, given regularly by Forbes magazine, has been Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk was going back and forth in the middle. Musk was at the top of the list once again, but the loss of the share value of Tesla, the company he owned, caused Bezos to get ahead of Musk again.

Jeff Bezos has been at the top of the list for a long time, but according to Forbes’ information on Monday, he is the World’s Most Powerful Person, fashion giant Louis Vuitton becomes managing director of Moet Hennesy, Bernard Arnault. Arnault achieved in the last period with a fortune of $ 186.3 billion left behind Bezos’ $ 186 billion and Musk’s $ 147.3 billion worth.

LVMH’s cost in the last 14 months has risen to over $ 110 billion

LVMH in the last 14 months by overcoming the negative effects of the pandemic earned exactly 110 billion dollars in cost. While the company’s value was only $ 76 billion in March 2020, with the prestige of May 24, 2021, LVMH’s cost was exactly $ 186.3 billion. With the opening of the stock exchange, LVMH share processes increased by 0.4%, while the company’s leader, Bernard Arnault expense of personal shares exceeded $ 600 million.

Information disclosed by Forbes regarding other companies, the money invested in weaving and cosmetics during the pandemic revealed. François Pinault, owner of brands such as Saint Laurent, Gucci and Alexander McQueen, has made his net fortune since March 18, 2020 from $ 27 billion to $ 55.1 billion raised. Just like at the time, French cosmetics giant Loreal Paris made his net fortune by earning $ 40 billion with prestige on Monday. for $ 87.8 billion.

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