Trump has been sued for the 22.9 million dollar ‘Chinese virus’: $ 1 for every Asian living in the USA

To former US leader Donald Trump China American Civil Rights Coalition (CACRC). The reason for the case filed a lawsuit on the grounds that US Leader Donald Trump directed the American people to violence against Asians. According to the news in The Huffington Post, CACRC used Trump’s coronavirus outbreak. Your words such as ‘Chinese virus’, ‘Wuhan virus’ and ‘Kung Flu’ It was reported that it encouraged racism against Asians.

Within the scope of the case For every Asian living in the USA $ 1, ie $ 22.9 million, reportedly claimed. The indictment states, “The defendant’s abundant and abominable behavior caused emotional issues among members of the plaintiff organization (CACRC) and largely Asian Americans. It caused a rise in racist violence against Chinese Americans and Asian Americans in an open form from New York to California.” It was included.

Trump’s pronunciations fuel racism

In the news University of San Francisco research was also featured. According to the research, Trump’s use of the word ‘Chinese virus’ in his social media post in March 2020 caused an increase in the Asian opposite pronunciations in the Twitter application. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) made an invitation to not use words such as ‘Chinese virus’ and ‘Asian virus’ when talking about coronavirus in its social media sharing on March 3, 2020.

Sharing the subject of kalam, “Talk about coronavirus disease. Do not add location or ethnicity to the disease, it is not a” Wuhan virus “,” Chinese virus “or” Asian virus “. The official name of the disease was deliberately chosen to avoid stigmatization.” terms were included.

He continued to say ‘Chinese virus’ despite reactions

“China gives false information that our army is bringing the virus to them. This is wrong. I must say where it came from. It came from China. Our soldiers did not bring this virus to anyone.”

Saying , Trump from the coronavirus will continue to be referred to as the ‘Chinese virus’

By specifying , “I will continue to say this until China denies the thesis that our army is bringing the virus to them.” used the words.

There have been harsh reactions to Trump from China, too, “Some politicians in the USA are trying to defame China by associating the coronavirus with China. We angrily oppose this, we call on the USA to stop blaming China. The first priority of the international community is international cooperation to endeavor with the virus. The USA is its own priority. should try to play a role for international cooperation on health safety “ was given.

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