‘Yubari’ melon grown in Japan sold for $ 24,800

According to the news of the Kyodo agency, the name Area from Yubari district of Sapporo in Hokkaido melons at the first harvest of the season Sapporo as a wholesaler went on sale.

New type

After the effect of coronavirus (Kovid-19) on economics, Yubari melons, which could be sold for 120 thousand yen (1100 dollars) at the opening of the term last year, found buyers for 2.7 million yen (24 thousand 800 dollars) this year.

With their offer ‘they want to encourage farmers’ translating Hokkaido Products company representative Kage Iori, said that they will serve melons to 10 families with children selected through social media.

In the county within agricultural cooperatives 102 farmers aim to earn 2.16 billion yen (19.8 million dollars) from domestic sales of melons.

Yubari melons period opening record price was acquired in 2009 at 5 million yen ($ 45,900).

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